Our Vision

  • Since the inception of Doonbeg Group, Inc. four (4) years ago, we have built a solid foundation for the company based upon the success of sound, quality transactions in the markets and clientele which we serve. Doonbeg also seeks an innovative approach to meeting the challenges that confront its client companies.
  • Doonbeg recognized that the commercial shipping business has been characterized since 2009 by slow to recover asset values, depressed freight rates, and a worldwide decline in the availability of major financial institution lending capacity. These developments led Doonbeg to conclude that not only do new capital sources need to be explored from non-traditional institutions, but that non-bank platforms need to be created to fill the capital void.
  • Doonbeg has developed an additional core business competency in metals and mining and specialty lending, as well as project finance. The unprecedented decline in global commodity values offers tremendous counter cyclical investment opportunities in the mining sector, while the tumult in shipping markets has exposed additional opportunities in ports, terminals, and storage facilities.
  • Doonbeg’s long term business plan centers on the evolution of our merchant banking platform from a “Banking/ Advisory Fee Income Centric Model” to a “Merchant Investment Income Centric Model”. The firm is commencing its merchant investing effort with the launch of Securus Capital Management, LLC and its Reg D fund offering of Securus Insured Project Funding I, LLC. The Securus Insured Project Funding I, LLC will concentrate on providing pre-development capital to its project finance and specialty lending transactions.