Metals & Mining

Doonbeg has expanded its sector focus on commercial shipping to encompass a new initiative in the metals, mining, and natural resources industries. Commercial shipping is intimately connected to these industries often allowing for cross sectoral capital opportunities that broaden exposure and diversify risk.

Doonbeg has formed Doonbeg Metals Ltd. to co-invest with our clients in select mining and mining related transactions. This team is well versed in all aspects of managing mining assets from geology to finance & hedging; metallurgy to operations & production.

Doonbeg’s metals and mining team employs a “top down” approach to assess the forces that shape this global industry. Doonbeg then applies its transactional experience and sectoral analysis to originate high value transactions.

Doonbeg’s expertise includes:

  • Developing mining projects on behalf of project owners suitable for capital raising.
  • Identifying mining investment opportunities for prospective mining investors.
  • Providing strategic advice throughout the merger and acquisition process.